Vandalising Christmas Trees Sometimes Works Out For the Best

By Gary Cutlack on at

Vandals in Camborne have successfully played the long game, with memories of the national shame heaped upon the town because of last year's terrible Christmas tree written over by 2018's mission to put things right.

Last Christmas, the local council gave Camborne a modern sort of cone-shaped fake tree that everyone hated; so much so that it was repeatedly revenge-vandalised, and eventually removed from display well before Christmas day after local troublemakers left it with exposed wiring – wiring that could've hurt the next wave of tree vandals.

This year, though, it's back to festive basics for the town, which has reverted to having a huge, 25-foot traditional real tree, of the sort that only slowly vandalises itself by gradually shedding needles. And that's nice, and like an old fashioned Christmas is happening, and the people of Camborne are happy, or at least as happy as it's possible to get in those parts of Cornwall. [BBC News]

Image: camerabee/Flickr