Virgin Trains Makes Cheap Tickets Work on Friday Afternoons

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Trains is trying a little something to make getting to your internet girlfriend on a Friday evening slightly easier – it is removing Friday afternoon from the peak ticket restriction period for all trains leaving London Euston, so more departures are accessible for people with cheaper off-peak tickets.

This, the rail franchise's theoretical transport scientists think, should spread the weekend getaway traffic a little thinner about the whole afternoon, removing some stresses from the most popular teatime services that leave as soon as the off-peak ticket window opens -- and making it less horrifying a financial experience for people who foolishly decide to buy their tickets on the day of travel.

Virgin says a low-key 13-week trial it ran earlier this year saw peak human congestion on the most jammed London-to-anywhere trains fall by as much as 75 per cent, with the 19:03 Euston to Birmingham New Street on a Friday night seeing the largest drop in numbers of escapees. [BBC]