Vodafone Has Launched a New Rewards Scheme Called 'VeryMe'

By Tom Pritchard on at

For years O2 has been rewarding its customers with Priority moments and all the associated deals that came with it. Similarly Three launched Wuntu not that long ago to offer basically the same thing. Today Vodafone has decided that rewarding loyal customers is a fantastic idea, and has announced another similar rewards programme for its customers. It's called VeryMe, and no I don't know why that name was picked either.

VeryMe is built into the My Vodafone app, meaning you can grab it in the same place as your bill and all the other boring admin stuff you need to keep tabs on. As for the deals, there's no telling what might pop up in future but for the time being Vodafone is offering two Odeon cinema tickets for £7, a free drink from Costa, 15% off Interflora, a three-month trial of The Mindfulness App, and free treats from Millies Cookies, Tesco, and Hotel Chocolat. Plus, as a special introductory offer, VeryMe will give Vodafone's monthly customers an extra 2GB of data when they sign up.

There's also some AI built into the thing, which learns what rewards you like and tries to make sure you never miss out on any of the good ones. Hopefully it does more than just constantly pester you until you redeem them, because sometimes we don't have time to go and claim a free cookie.

VeryMy is available now, and the My Vodafone app can be found on Google Play and the iOS app store.