Weird Christmas Food Continues With Baubles Filled with Subway Sandwich Sauce

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's the most wonderfully weird time of the year by far, especially where food is concerned. But if you thought we'd already seen the weirdest items you were spectacularly wrong. Subway has joined the fray and announced that it's currently testing a set of Christmas baubles filled with its most popular sandwich sauces. It's the kind of story that makes you look at the calendar to double check we haven't magically jumped forward to April.

The good news here is that these things are in the testing phase, and according to Subway that means they won't be hanging on your Tree anytime before next Christmas. But the fact is the company is seriously considering selling off some of its sauces inside Christmas decorations. Why? I'm not too sure, but my guess is that like the mint-choc-chip cheese it's to grab a few headlines so someone save money on the advertising budget.

Perhaps its to add some festive cheer to your kitchen too, seeing as how that particular room can be one of the most stressful places to be on Christmas Day. Not that the three flavours available (Chipotle Southwest, SweetOnion, and Red Chilli) are particularly festive. Doesn't Subway have a cranberry sauce around this time of year? That would be a slightly more suitable addition, don't you think?

Colin Hughes, Country Director, UK at Subway said:

"Fans on social rave about our sauces, and especially our signature Chipotle Southwest. "So we are working on ways to give them what we know they want – the chance to get their hands on the Subway range of condiments. We predict the Subway Bauble Collection will be must-have Christmas decorations for sauce fans!"

Giving people the option to buy the sauces to take home isn't a bad idea, but would it not be more prudent to partner up with a supermarket and sell them in regular bottles? That's what Nando's does, and that seems to be working out well enough.

If you do plan on getting a set of these next year, make sure to hang the baubles somewhere safe. We don't want the sauce being cooked by a stray Christmas light. [Metro]