West Midlands Joins Las Vegas & Portland in Accepting Google Pay Travel Tickets

By Holly Brockwell on at

The West Midlands is blazing a trail in mobile ticketing, following the somewhat more globally-known US cities of Las Vegas, Nevada and Portland, Oregon in accepting Google Pay transit tickets.

The West Midlands Metro already has an NFC app called Swift that allows you to buy tickets on your mobile and transfer them to your physical card, or see your journey history from the card. Now, if you buy mobile tickets through Swift, you can move them into Google Pay and use your phone as your ticket rather than getting your card out.

Las Vegas' Monorail was the first to implement Google Pay back in March this year.

Since then, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook Portland, Oregon has jumped on the trainwagon, adding Pay support to its Hop Fastpass tickets in April.

Now, our very own West Midlands has become the third forward-thinking transit company of the world to add Google Pay as a ticket option, allowing people from Wolverhampton to Birmingham to stop fumbling around for their Swift cards and just tap their phones instead.

To use your Swift ticket on the Metro, go to Passes in Google Pay, tap the ticket you want to use, press Activate, and then hold your phone up to the inspection machine (your screen will need to be on for it to work). When you see a blue tick, you're good to go.

Here's hoping more travel companies will follow suit: waiting for people to check every single pocket they own before finding their travel pass is a daily experience literally no one would miss. [Android Police]