Which? Declares Homebase the UK's Worst Online Retailer

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are plenty of crap retailers out on the wide world of the web, but have you ever wondered which one is the worst? Well to save you the trouble of working it out for yourself, Which?'s latest survey has done it for you. As it turns out hard-up retailer Homebase is the proud owner of the UK's worst retail website.

According to Which? Homebase's website offered poor value for money, had trouble keeping stock levels up to date, and was hard to navigate. SO if you want some DIY or gardening stuff you should head over to the nearest physical bran... Oh right. Can't say I've ever used Homebase's website, but I have unfortunately used the second worst online retailer before. I imagine very few of you will be surprised to hear it's Sports Direct (tied with Dorothy Perkins).

Know we know what to expect from companies like House of Fraser now Mike Ashley has bought them out. Sadly things don't fair much better for B&Q and JDSports, the bottom two's main high street rivals. It could be worse, though, because a satisfaction score in the 60s means it can't be all bad. That said things could be an awful lot better too. Online retail isn't that difficult, and failing to do it properly is like throwing money away.

If you were interested in the best retailers, Which? worked them out too. As it turns out the more specialist retailers came out on top, with skincare peddler Liz Earle taking the top spot with a crazy 94 per cent satisfaction score. Second place was tied between four retailers, each scoring 93 per cent: Richer Sounds, outdoorsy clothing retailer Rohan, Sea Salt Cornwall (which sells clothes, not crisps), and Wex Photo | Video.

The sample sizes aren't massive, as shown in brackets after each retailer, but it's a good glimpse into what you should expect. Basically if you use any of the bad ones you aren't likely to enjoy yourself. That said, being specialist retailers, the good ones won't be cheap, so most of you will just stick to Amazon which is probably hanging around in the middle somewhere. [BBC News]