Workers Union Warns on Looming Threat of Human Microchipping

By Gary Cutlack on at

For reasons we don't really understand, someone at the Trades Union Congress has started talking about microchipping for humans as part of the business world's next grasp at our privacy and data, as if this is likely to happen any time soon.

Apparently it's an emerging trend, because maybe as many as a few hundred out of our millions of servile office drones have had chips implanted under their skin for work and publicity purposes. The shock horror Telegraph story tells of a company called Biohax where staff have been chipped, which is horrifying until you read more of the sentence and discover that Biohax is a microchip implanting company. Hence it would be embarrassing were its staff not held down and forcibly injected with an NFC device as part of their first day initiation and getting-to-know-you procedures.

The TUC's concern is based around rumours that Biohax has been hitting up UK companies and asking them if they'd like their staff to be chipped for, ahem, security purposes, although the companies that responded to queries about possible implant tech being used on their people all said they were very much against the idea.

So we doubt human chipping is likely to happen on a wider scale as the TUC is imagining. Fair enough, ID cards are evil and no one ever likes the photograph they were made to have taken without notice in the unflattering lighting of the office, but surely inserting microchips into the scruffs of the necks of millions of staff is taking the whole dystopian trend a bit too far?

Maybe chip the boss so he can access his special bathroom and turn off the computers of misbehaving workers with a magical wave of the hand, but they'll never chip the common staff, will they? [Guardian via Techradar]

Image credit: Unsplash