These Are The Worst Washing Lines In The UK

By Holly Brockwell on at

Housewares company Addis has apparently been busy scouring the UK for the worst washing line they could find. As you do.

Unsurprisingly, it's a stunt to promote their new Easi Lift Rotary Airer, which is described thusly:

Making the most mundane of tasks a little easier to handle, the Addis Easi Lift Rotary Airer is thankfully made of stern stuff – rust resistant, light-weight aluminium to be precise. So not only are the product materials designed to withstand the most extreme of weather conditions, it's also light-weight and easy to move for storage after use.

The airer also features a simple LIFT-RAISE-LOCK mechanism, so there's no tangling, no fighting and no dramas when trying to hang the washing. In fact, doing the washing never looked so good!


The four people deemed by "a panel of Addis in-house judges" (what a job) to have the worst washing lines of the entrants each won an Easi Lift Rotary Airer to replace it.

Here, accompanied by jaunty music and white-on-white text, are the results:

The Easi Lift airer retails for £99.99, although Addis tells us it's currently £70 at Argos if you've got your own manky dryer to replace.

Honestly, why they've chosen to do any of this in late November – when there's literally no point hanging your washing out to dry, you might as well put it in the freezer – is anyone's guess, but that's the glamorous world of homewares for you.