YouGov Declares David Attenborough to be Britain's Favourite Person

By Tom Pritchard on at

As I write this the Bank of England has been asking for suggestions on who should be on the new £50 note. They want the person to be a) a scientists, and b) dead, which is a shame. If they bent that second rule just a little bit then David Attenborough would be a dead certainty. Everyone loves Attenborough, and it's zero surprise than a new YouGov poll found that he's the most popular person in Britain.

YouGov just launched a new popularity tracking tool, keeping tabs on people and things to see how much people in Britain seem to like them. There are a bunch of different categories, on the tool, but Attenborough comes out on top of the whole lot with a score of 87 per cent.

Victoria Waldersee of YouGov said:

“David Attenborough’s been a household name for several generations and his status as a national treasure is cemented by this data. His groundbreaking nature documentaries have been loved the world over for seven decades so it’s understandable that he’s topped this list of the most popular people in Britain compiled from millions of responses.”

And yet he still can't be on money because of a technicality. Which is a shame, but it's best not to tempt fate. Without those Attenborough shows the number of licence fee dodgers would likely skyrocket.