YouTube to Tag BBC content as State Propaganda

By Gary Cutlack on at

The really big problems faced by YouTube can wait, because it has found a very, very small one to solve instead. It has decided that people need to know that any clips uploaded by the BBC were produced using public money, as this might... effect... things... somehow.

Therefore, all BBC content now comes with a little embedded disclaimer that the content was created by the "British public broadcast service," which, in amazing news for Wikipedia, includes a link to the BBC's wiki entry. We're not sure whether this is designed to make viewers more or less convinced of the impartiality of the content. Like, we know the BBC is supposed to be impartial and give all sides of the argument as much air time as Nigel Farage gets when he announces today's shopping list, but to outsiders looking in from their foreign countries with their unfamiliar ways, it could look as if YouTube is suggesting the BBC is some sort of political mouthpiece that can't be trusted.

This means BBC YouTube content is now tagged in a similar fashion to the uploads of the state-funded likes of Russia Today and Al Jazeera, although the BBC says it welcomes the additional transparency this brings. [BBC]