The 12 Christmas Jumpers You Need This Year

By Holly Brockwell on at

One of the best things about Christmas is choosing a new ridiculous jumper to show off at the office, the pub, or on Instagram. We've picked 12 of this year's best festive offerings, with plenty of time to order them before they all sell out.

1. Yoshi Christmas jumper, £41.99

Ahhhh look at Yoshi's happy little Christmas face. No writing on this one, it's just a big happy Yoshi and some festive decoration. Sometimes that's all you need. Buy it here.

2. Labyrinth Christmas jumper, £39.99

The best film bar none gets its own Christmas sweater. Featuring the owl from the credits, a maze pattern, lots of crystals and the three best characters (Jareth, Ludo and the worm), it also has three more characters on the back. Buy it here.

3. Metallica Christmas jumper, £55.99

There's something kind of un-rock 'n' roll about really expensive, officially licensed Metallica Christmas merch, but at least it's better than those £10 Motorhead t-shirts Topshop used to sell to people who'd never even heard of the band. Merry xxxmas to capitalism. Buy it here.

4. LIT Menorah Hanukkah jumper, £25.99

Novelty Hanukkah jumpers aren't as much of a thing as Christmas ones, but this amazing menorah sweater just goes to show that they definitely should be. Buy it here.

5. Fortnite Christmas jumper, £29.99

You know what the 12 days of Christmas is? Almost a fortnite! Har har. Guaranteed free of llama wool. Buy it here.

6. Meme Christmas jumper, around £30

ERMAHGERD ERTS CHERSTMERS. Be the coolest (or least cool, depending on your friends) person at the Christmas table and baffle your older relatives at the same time. Win-win. Buy it here.

7. Emoji Christmas jumper, £8.99

So very millennial, especially since it's quite cheap. Sadly comes in one size only, which is about a small to medium. Surprisingly nice though, according to the reviews: "needed an ugly xmas jumper but when it arrived it was actually really nice. Wore for works xmas jumper day and everyone commented on how lovely it was." Bargain, if you're the right size. Buy it here.

8. Star Wars Han & Leia couples' Christmas jumpers, £29.99 each

Let them know you know they love you (what) this festive season. Because nothing says relationship goals like matching geek-chic jumpers. Buy them here.

9. 90s-tastic Christmas jumper, £20.99

WELL. There's a lot going on here, from the beautiful WordArt-style writing to the laser-shooting T-rex setting the Christmas tree alight. It also has the same design on the back so you can hurt people's eyes from all angles. Buy it here.

10. Tesco Value Christmas jumper, £11.94

There's basic, and then there's Tesco Value basic. Not actually an official Tesco jumper, nor is it sold by Tesco at all (missed opportunity if you ask us), but it is funny in a very British way. Get it here, or if you're fancy, get the Finest version here instead.

11. Retro elfy Christmas cardigan, £39.99

No brands, no jokes, just a good old-fashioned Christmas cardigan that you can unbutton when you've eaten too many Chocolate Oranges. Ahh. Get it here.

12. Dec 25th Christmas jumper, £30

Just. So. Literal. A jumper that celebrates the 25th of December and absolutely nothing else. Nothing on the back, no bells and whistles, just the date and a star. Perfect for the Grinch who's forced to wear a festive jumper, or just anyone who likes to intentionally miss the point. Buy it here.

BONUS! London Transport Museum Christmas jumper, £35

Roundels! Red London buses! Snowflakes! The perfect jumper for Londoners and transport fans alike. Buy it here.

Not convinced by any of those? Try the David Attenborough design we featured earlier this year.

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