12 Great Stocking Fillers to Buy Your Favourite Geek This Christmas

By Holly Brockwell on at

Not enough people do stockings when they've grown up. Which is a shame because there's nothing as deeply thrilling as a lumpy woolly sock on the end of your bed, and that doesn't go away just because you're 30 and have a mortgage (j/k, you're 33 and have housemates and eat cereal for dinner. Just me? OK).

If you're filling a stocking for someone nerdy, or just looking for little things to gift your friends (read: yourself), you've come to the right page. Here are our top 12.

1. Stargate 'Chevrons Locked' pin badges, £7 each

Dial the gate, it's time to add some chevrons to your look. These little pin badges can go on bags, ties, uniforms – and they're available in both Pegasus Blue and Command Orange. Buy them here.

2. London Underground money box, £4

Bank! Geddit? GEDDIT?! A perfect pressie for the transport geeks and Londoners. Probably won't fit a house deposit though, it's only 12cm high rather than the size of Scrooge McDuck's vault. Buy it here.

3. Cat facts ticket box, £11.95

THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING TO CAT FACTS. The lucky recipient can take a ticket every single day and learn something new about the adorable apex predators we willingly share our houses with. Not such a cat fan? Try curious facts instead. Buy it here.

4. Rocket launcher pens, £4.99 for two

Ideal for wannabe Elon Musks and engineering types, this pen unfolds in a ridiculously cool mechanical way when you press the little button. Here it is in action:

Buy them here.

5. Elon's Musk air freshener, £8.99

Speaking of Musk, we couldn't resist this little car air freshener. Perfect for the geek who has everything, including a Tesla. Buy it here.

6. Magnetic field paper, £4.99

This little sheet shows up magnetic fields. It's really, really fun to pass over the top of electronic devices to see where the magnets are, as Marques Brownlee does in this video:

Buy it here.

7. SmartBoy, £14.99

This little gadget turns your phone into a Game Boy. Who wouldn't want that? Well, iPhone people, because it only works with Androids. Buy it here.

8. Anatomical heart cufflinks, £12

Know someone who wears their heart on their sleeve? Now you do. Buy them here.

9. Thor's hammer bottle opener, £9.99

Q: if Magneto can move all the metal, how come he can't control Thor's hammer? Huh? HUH? Anyway this is a cool Mjolnir bottle opener and you can buy it here.

10. Jon Snow USB drive, £14.99

Far from knowing nothing, this little USB drive can hold 16 whole gigabytes of monosyllabic northern phrases, including "eh?" and "stop askin' about me hair." Somewhat disturbingly, the head is the lid, which means poor Jon ends up like Ned Stark every time you want to use it (too soon?). Buy it here.

11. Virtual pet, £9.99

Not an official Tamagotchi, but it does come in a range of colours and with a choice of 32 pets you'll love for a week and then forget to feed. At least this time round they won't be confiscated by your teacher like they were in year six. Buy it here.

12. A Terry's Chocolate Orange, £2


It's not geeky, but it is a legal requirement for inclusion in all stockings ever. Or it should be. Get it here, or at WH Smith where you'll be asked 50 times whether you want one no matter what you're buying.

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