Aldi's Prosecco Teabags Are Back For Christmas

By Holly Brockwell on at

Instagram and Pinterest types will be beside themselves to hear that there's now a legit way to drink prosecco at work. Aldi is bringing back its prosecco-infused teabags, which sold out last Christmas to people so basic they can't even drink tea without pretending it's alcohol.

Well, the joke's on them, because not only does the brew not contain alcohol -- it doesn't even have caffeine. Good luck getting through your status meeting without it.

The Specially Selected Raspberry Prosecco teabags (why are you pretending to be fancy, it's literally Aldi) cost £2.49 for 15. That's about 17p a cup, maths fans. You also get a metal tin, woohoo.

If prosecco-flavoured tea doesn't float your boat (and we don't blame you), there's also a new variety: Winter Spice.

This is the Christmas and tea equivalent of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, we suspect.

Still, the prosecco ones would make a great Secret Santa gift for someone you can't stand. It says prosecco, but there's no actual prosecco, or caffeine, and it probably tastes of nothing (fruit tea has some sort of homeopathy thing going on whereby it smells amazing but tastes like one particle of fruit per ten billion water). Plus it's only £2.50, so you can spend the other half on a mug with a weak pun and call it a day. [Mirror]