Alleged Samsung Galaxy S10 Case Still Has Space for the Headphone Jack

By Tom Pritchard on at

While plans might change there are leaks suggesting Samsung will be embracing its worst nemesis with the Galaxy S10 - a notch in the screen. But, it isn't all bad news. Despite claims to the contrary it looks like the Galaxy S10 will be keeping the headphone jack. Or, at least, some of them will be. There are supposed to be multiple models, after all.

Ice Universe managed to get hold of what it alleged to be a protective case for the Galaxy S10, and that case has a section cutaway right where the headphone jack should be. We also know that this is meant to be an S10 case because the camera hole matches up with the three-lens camera we've seen in previous leaks.

As smartphone pick up more and more hardware features there were fears that Samsung would finally follow in the footsteps of Apple (and damn-near everyone else) by scrapping the old 3.5mm audio port and save some interior space. Especially since the newly announced Galaxy A8 is jack-free.

But apparently those fears were unfounded, assuming that this leak is legit. Ice Universe has a reasonable track record (especially with Samsung Galaxy S cases, which is a bit weird), but there's no way of knowing if this is real until the phone is announced. Thankfully leaks never arrive on their own, so we'll be hearing a lot about this phone in the weeks between now and Samsung's official unveiling - which is currently expected in February at MWC. [Ice Universe via Android and Me]