These Are The Amazon Christmas Cut-Off Dates For 2018

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you're going to be doing a lot of your Christmas shopping on Amazon, here's when you'll need to get those orders in by to make sure everything arrives in time.

Of course, we'd recommend not waiting 'til the last minute in case something goes wrong, but humans gonna human.

You can apparently order right up to 10pm on Christmas Eve if you're in a Prime Now area, but again... maybe don't risk it? You can't blame Amazon for ruining your Christmas if you left it that late and something goes wrong. And definitely don't risk it if there are kids involved, we will not RT your attention-seeking customer service tweets about how Amazon ruined little Jolyon's day when Christmas is on the same damn day every year and you failed to prepare.

Anyway – the dates!

  • Friday 21st December – Standard Delivery
  • Sunday 23rd December – One-Day Delivery (Amazon delivers on Monday 24th December)
  • Monday 24th – Same-Day (if it's available in your area. You need to order by 12pm, and apparently "availability is limited")
  • Monday 24thPrime Now two-hour delivery. Amazon says you can order as late as 10pm but in our experience you'd be best off getting your order in around 8 if you want it by midnight. Not available everywhere, check your postcode here.
  • Monday 24th – AmazonFresh (Amazon’s grocery delivery service. Order by lunchtime for delivery that evening if you have an AmazonFresh membership (free trial here) and are in an eligible area).
  • Christmas actual Day – email or print out a gift card for that relative you forgot was coming.

There are also Christmas deals running until the 21st.

No idea what to order? Check out our Christmas gift guides for inspiration. Can't guarantee you won't just buy yourself a load of stuff though, there are some pretty great products in there.