An HONOR 8X is the Perfect Way to Avoid Christmas Disappointment and Boredom

By Gizmodo UK on at

What do you want to see when you watch someone open a present you bought? A big, cheesy grin. Or maybe even a touch of awe. With an HONOR 8X you’ll get that, and avoid the sinking dread of wondering if you bought a dud.

Don’t ruin Christmas, get an HONOR 8X.

Better than tinsel

Amazing, how? Good question. The HONOR 8X is a £229 phone that looks as good as, if not better than, some 2-3 times the price.

HONOR has an exquisitely engineered Aurora Glass back with a recognisable duo tone design. It’s a truly dynamic finish that makes rivals look plain. If you want to buy an affordable phone and don’t want someone to open it up and think it looks cheap, the HONOR 8X is a top choice.

There’s much more than surface to the phone, though. Super-slim 4.25mm screen borders let it fit a 6.5-inch screen into a phone that should feel easy to handle for the vast majority of your friends. Even the ones with tiny hands. And the screen-to-surface ratio is unbeatable among its peers.

You get more screen with less bulk. And as the HONOR 8X is just 7.3mm thick, it’s incredibly pocket-friendly too.

Bring the fun back

One of the bad parts about growing up is you tend to stop getting Christmas presents you can play with. Presents that are actually fun. The HONOR 8X is definitely for grown-ups, and it’s definitely fun too.

Its bright and bold 6.5-inch screen is a great fit for games, apps and video streaming. Rivals just don’t offer the same kind of cinematic experience as the HONOR 8X.

And as your friends and family sleep off Christmas dinner, argue about politics or vegetate in front of the TV, you get to try those apps and games you’ve been meaning to download for weeks. With 64GB storage, the HONOR 8X has plenty of room for all of them.

Your official photographer

This isn’t some anti-social phone, though. Its cameras are primed to help you remember the good bits of your Christmas break, memories you might need to make it through January. The HONOR 8X has an AI photo mode that helps ensure all your images are sharp, by checking each photo as it’s shot. It also applies image profiles based on what you’re taking a photo of, to make your shots look punchier, ready for all those social media likes.

A secondary rear sensor lets the HONOR 8X take portraits with background blur, and a 16-megapixel camera around the front captures ultra-detailed sensors. And don’t worry, there is a Beauty Mode if you don’t want your selfies to look too detailed around your eyes.

The HONOR 8X can play the role of official photographer, entertainer and “present of the year” contender. And thanks to its 3750mAh it’ll carry on going well into Boxing Day before needing a charge.

Now we come to think of it, maybe the HONOR 8X is too good to just give away. Perhaps you should buy one for yourself too.