Analyst Reckons Apple Will Add Wireless Charging to Airpods Early Next Year

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ever since Apple announced the AiroPds there's been talk of throwing wireless charging into the mix. That mainly stems from Apple announcing the AirPower charging mat, and while it's widely accepted that this particular accessory is dead in the water people still the upgraded earbuds. Well one prominent Apple analyst reckons they'll finally be here sometime in early 2019.

You've likely heard this news before, because the prospect of wireless charging AirPods has been rumoured for a long time. Almost as long as we've known about the earbuds themselves. But Ming-Chi Kuo says they'll be coming in Q1 2019. The downside is that the wireless charging will require an upgrade to the hardware in the case, specifically a rigid-flex board’ internal component that will be more expensive to manufacture. He also claims the case's hinge will get a redesign, improved Bluetooth spec, and that the case itself have better thermal requirements.

Sadly he reckons all those improvements won't be cheap, and estimates a price increase of around 60 per cent. Not fantastic given AirPods themselves already cost £160.

But that's not all. Kuo also claims Apple will be redesigning the AirPods ready for release sometime in 2020. He doesn't offer any details, but past rumours have suggested upgrades like Hey Siri integration minor water resistance, noise cancelling, and some sort of biometric support. Redesigned earpieces would be a bonus too, since that Apple's EarPod design is garbage, and was clearly designed by a person who only has a vague understanding of how the ear is shaped.

While this all sounds great, remember that Kuo is an analyst, and not an Apple insider, so there's no telling how accurate his predictions are. He's revealed a lot of accurate information in the past, but that doesn't make him infallible. We won't know if any of this will actually happen until it does, because that's how Apple does things. We'll have more for you as we learn it. [9to5Mac]