Aquarium Sasses Apple About Its Terrible Squid Emoji

By Holly Brockwell on at

We're pretty sure we've never used the term "sassy aquarium" before, but in these social media times, anyone can be snarky to anyone. And the Monterey Bay Aquarium has chosen to direct its meme-filled disdain at Apple for its distinctly unanatomically-correct squid emoji.

In a thread so millennial it'll kill your can opener, the aquarium gets on Apple's case for the placement of the siphon, a muscly bit of stuff on the back of the squid's, er, head-thingy.

Well, they could have gone about it in a less wanky way, but the aquarium has a point.

The siphon, as everyone in the world has learnt today, is a muscular tube that expels water to push the squid along. It wouldn't be much use on the front, because then the squid would always be swimming backwards and bumping into things.

Tut, Apple, you might make nice tech but your cephalopod designs are rubbish. [The Verge]