Artist Makes Global Warming Worse by Melting Ice on Purpose

By Gary Cutlack on at

Artist Olafur Eliasson has had an idea for something clever to do and say it's art. He's shipping massive chipped-off chunks of ice sheet to London, so we can watch, live, as the ages-old ice melts away because of all our fridges, cars, cows and radiators.

Admittedly it is quite an impressive logistical feat to bring a small iceberg to a city without it wasting away in transit, although there's bound to be some carbon involved in the process so he's not really helping things overall. 24 large ice blocks are to be arranged outside the Tate Modern next week, inviting people in a hurry because of work and people not in a hurry because of being on holiday to think about how all their huffing and puffing and consuming is contributing to global warming.

The Ice Watch exhibition officially launches on December 11, but we're able to see dirty old lifting machines hoisting the blocks into position in readiness this weekend. The ice was already doomed to melt and had detached itself from a Greenland ice sheet, so don't feel too sad about watching it slowly dwindle away.

Olafur is no stranger to causing thinking in that part of London, as he was behind the Tate's extremely popular indoor sun Weather Project back in 2003, when he ill-advisedly taught a generation that directly looking at the sun is fine. [Standard]