ASMR Cigarette Lighters Are A Thing Now

By Holly Brockwell on at

ASMR – that thing the internet loves where people whisper to you on YouTube and make noises with tactile things to give you tingles – has officially jumped the shark, because American brand Zippo has unveiled a range of ASMR lighters. OK then.

The company has recently trademarked the click sound of its windproof lighters, which has apparently been used in over 2,000 films (stop smoking on screen, people). To celebrate the "unique sensory experience" of lighting a cancer stick with their specific lighters, the company has gone one step further and made tactile designs that give you ASMR.

This is not in any way a nice thing they're doing for people who smoke. It looks like a way to get their brand in front of the millions of people who watch ASMR videos, when it's quite difficult to advertise anything related to smoking, especially to youngsters.

To give you an idea of the audience they're going for, Zippo has done two branded videos with BuzzFeed to promote the lighters:

The videos have already had over 70,000 views combined. Hopefully those people are mostly intending to use the lighters for Christmas candles.

The press release comes with a quote from Lucas Johnson, Senior Brand Manager, Global Marketing at Zippo, who says between puffs:

"People have recognised the unmistakable ‘click’ of a Zippo lighter for decades [really?], and now new research has revealed that over three quarters of adults would instantly be able to place the sound [REALLY?!].

It’s an exciting time for the business to be granted this trademark in acknowledgment of our sonic signature. The growing ASMR community has organically integrated the Zippo lighter into their world and it felt like a natural space for the brand to explore as part of sharing our momentous trademark news with the world. From a talisman to a tool, people continue to surprise and delight us with the many uses of a Zippo lighter."

Funny how they don't mention its primary use: setting fire to things that'll ruin your lungs.

The ASMR designs include the MultiCut High Polish Chrome with Enamel Flame, Wrapped Zippo Flame Emblem, and Antique Copper.

They're available now on the Zippo website and will cost you between £30 and £98. Definitely worth spending all that cash for a click instead of the satisfying feeling of striking a match though, right?