Here's How To Get 25% Off Belkin Products On Boxing Day

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've had the Black Friday deals. We've had the Cyber Monday deals. We've had the Christmas deals, and now we have the Boxing Day deals.

This year, tech accessory brand Belkin is offering a quarter off (almost) everything, but you'll need a code: BOXING.

The code is only valid on the 26th, so don't be trying to buy stuff while you're bored during the Queen's speech (try Danny Dyer's instead).

Somewhat annoyingly, WeMo and NetCam products are excluded from the code, but mostly everything else is included, like phone accessories, cables, chargers, cases, screen protectors and so on.

You're not allowed to buy more than 4 of the same item, and the Ts & Cs actually say "not to be used to purchase with the intent of reselling," but it's pretty unclear how anyone could ever enforce that.


Here's the page you'll need, but it'll only show the sale info on Boxing Day itself. And again, don't forget the code -- BOXING. It's not an automatic discount.

Happy shopping, tech fans.