The Best-Selling Christmas Day Takeaway Is... A Kebab

By Holly Brockwell on at

OK firstly, colour us surprised that you can even GET takeaways on Christmas Day. On a day when all the public transport evaporates and shops finally give up on flogging pre-Christmas 'deals,' apparently some kind folks will still bring you a burger to save you venturing outside.

According to data from Just Eat, more of us are ordering a Christmas Day takeaway than ever before, with the number one choice being a festive kebab. Erm.

Here's the top 10 from last year:

1. Kebabs
2. Margherita pizza
3. Cheeseburger
4. Chicken burger
5. Fried chicken
6. Chicken nuggets
7. Chicken tikka masala
8. Chicken wrap
9. Chicken korma
10. Beef burger

Not a turkey in sight.

Here's how the percentages break down:

Meanwhile, our New Year's Day hangover food consisted of:

1. Kebabs (again)
2. Sweet and Sour Chicken
3. Margherita pizza
4. Chicken tikka masala
5. Chicken chow mein

Apparently, more than 5,000 restaurants opened last Christmas Day and 20,000 for New Year's Day, and even more are expected to be open for business this year.

Just Eat reckons by midnight on New Year's Day, we'll have ordered 169,000 pizzas, 165,000 Chinese dishes and 134,000 Indian meals onĀ its apps alone.

Is it even worth signing up to the traditional January gym membership?

Just Eat's also made a heat map so you can see what the preferred dishes were near you on Christmas Day and New Year's. Our favourite is the Isle of Man with its preference for Aloha Burgers.