You Can Now Talk To Bixby In British English On The Galaxy Note 9

By Holly Brockwell on at

There's a Bixby update on its way to people with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and it adds new language options including UK English.

Up to now, Samsung's version of Siri/Alexa/Cortana/Google Assistant/our mums was only available in Korean, followed eventually by American English.

The update is in beta, so it might be a bit shonky, but we're sure that won't stop anyone giving it a try. Because no one's going to give it a try anyway.

Stop trying to make Bixby happen, Samsung. It's not going to happen.

Nonetheless, Samsung's also added French, German, Italian and Spanish to surely the least popular voice assistant of the ones people have heard of.

Samsung explains the update thusly:

"Bixby will now understand UK English language and will be able to respond to conversational British questions the same way you’d talk to a friend, just speak naturally and Bixby delivers."

However, the questions given as examples are distinctly lacking in anything we'd consider British English:

  • Hi Bixby, find me flights to Barcelona for under £100
  • Hi Bixby, when is the next train from Leeds to Glasgow Central?
  • Hi Bixby, what song is this?

That last one is just English, surely. And the first two are only British in the sense that they name UK currencies and places. If Samsung's going to make a big thing of adding UK language support, we expect it to be able to understand things more like:

  • Hi Bixby, where can I get a chip barm?
  • Hi Bixby, call ma maw
  • Hi Bixby, order bog roll

Sadly, we doubt this is the case. [Techradar]