Blippar Stops Doing Whatever it Was That it Did

By Gary Cutlack on at

Whatever it was that Blippar did won't be getting done any more, as the company that did something -- almost certainly via an app -- has crashed into administration. As in, everyone decided simultaneously to stop giving it money to spend on whatever it used to spend money on doing in any particular week.

The nice man from the BBC says Blippar perhaps did something involving the arbitrage of money to and from advertising agencies, using contemporary buzz phrase "augmented reality" to sell things that sounded exciting to massive brands, creating a digital ad platform that lets people wave their gadgets at objects and see adverts. See adverts on purpose.

Pivoting around platforms and approaches seems to have been the major problem for Blippar, as attaching itself to the tech trend of the day appears to have resulted in a business that, despite a technical £1bn "unicorn" valuation at one point in the past thanks to many rounds of investment, never really managed to establish itself as a contender in... whichever sector it operated in. [BBC]