Bude Continues to Bleed Internet-Famous Supermarket Tunnel Dry

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sainsbury's and Bude are working together to ensure the fame won by the town's plastic car park tunnel lasts as long as possible, with the notorious plastic rain shield now kitted out with full decorations to turn it into a festive getting-to-your-car experience the likes of which we – and definitely the people of Bude – have never seen before.

It has a name, too. It's the Bude Tunnel Experience and it launched this weekend, with inadvertent social media star "Plug Boy" of Sainsbury's Christmas TV advert fame turning up to activate the lights in a safe manner by banging the plug in. The town council is so happy about this it's made up a press release too, reassuring locals that despite the international media circus surrounding it and all the regional BBC reporters iPhoning-in their live reports, the newly-lit tunnel will still "...operate as the main thoroughfare between Sainsbury's Bude and the store car park."

Bude Sainsbury's manager Stephen Gent added: "We've been overwhelmed with the positive response for the Bude Tunnel and we're delighted to be working with the community to give it all we've got and bring the people of Bude something magical this Christmas. It'll be a shopping trip they'll never forget." [Cornwall Live]

Image credit: Bude and Beyond