Business Bosses Say Stop Imagining Away Plastic to be Burnt Overseas

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of businesspeople have written an open letter. This must be important. It is nothing to do with Brexit, thankfully, instead focussing on what happens to the masses of plastic waste we can't recycle and is sent overseas for 'special' recycling. Which often means being set on fire or buried, and isn't quite what we imagine might happen when we rinse out the sodding yogurt pots.

Rugged TV teddy bear Ben Fogle has put his name to the letter, as has Iceland Foods boss Richard Walker, who have joined their disparate fan bases to say the way the UK exports as much as two-thirds of our plastic waste is a shameful act of buck-passing, as we're often left clueless as to what happens to our little sandwich packages when they're unloaded in lower regulation states, for, ahem, recycling. Recycling into a dense mass under the ground. Or recycling into smoke and burnt residues.

Better management of recycling isn't enough, they say, as we should be making more of an effort to stop wrapping everything up in the sodding stuff for no particular reason in the first place, with the letter saying: "Ending the UK's plastic shame means taking responsibility for our waste on British soil. This means turning off the plastic tap at source and radically overhauling our broken waste management system." [Telegraph via Sky News]

Image credit: Unsplash