Christmas Drink-Driving Ads Bin the Horror/Death Approach

By Gary Cutlack on at

There will be no awkward silences in the room as a crying woman and a child's mangled scooter pop up on the TV and dad remembers he's supposed to drive nan back home in a minute, as the UK's 2018 traditional festive anti-drinking and driving ad campaign features a cheery collection of lads having a banter and looking after each other, being all sensitive and suchlike, as they apparently are now.

There is no squealing of wheels, sad faces of victims, montages of broken glass, threats of prison and livelihoods cruelly taken away or anything like the material as bleak as we're used to seeing from these ads, as the Christmas tradition of scaring us into walking home down the dual carriageway after even just four half pints of Baileys comes to an end.

Here's this year's advert for not trying to drive home after a drink, which, unrealistically, features young people being able to afford cars.

He probably hasn't got any insurance. That'll be revealed in the second advert. [YouTube via PR Week]