Christmas is Coming: The Best Gifts for Everyone Who Loves Game of Thrones

By Tom Pritchard on at

As Maester Aemon said, the Starks are always right eventually. Winter is pretty much here, and you know what that means: Christmas is coming. Christmas with its food, and shopping, and family arguments. Just like an episode of game of Thrones, but with less murder and more commercialism.

Speaking of commercialism, Game of Thrones has been heavily commercialised since people love it so darn much. If you have a fan in your close circle of friends and family, here are some ideas on what to get them.

Season 1-7 Box Set, £60/£70

Season 8 may be arriving in April, but there's no harm in going back to the past five years of Game of Thrones and just see how far everyone has come. Remember when Sean 'The Walking Spoiler' Bean was in it? Think about how far all the characters have been since, and how many have died in the interim. Good times. [Buy it on DVD | Buy it on Blu-ray]

Season 1 (4K), £35

If you are going back to the beginning, what better way to do it than 4K? Well UHD, but you know what I mean. The first season is the only one out in 4K at the moment, and if you (or someone you know) want to watch Sean Bean get his head lopped off in the best resolution possible (with added HDR10 and Dolby Vision support) then you know what to do. [Buy it here]

Telltale's A Game of Thrones, from £10

Telltale has their hands on pretty much every major franchise these days, including Game of Thrones. This game follows the same sort of formula as the likes of The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands, following House Forrester (sworn to House Stark) as the family gets caught up in the War of the Five Kings. It features the voicework of the show's cast too, so it's not some rubbish tie-in. [Buy it here]

If that's not for you, you can also check out the other Game of Thrones game that was released in 2012. It's nowhere near as good, and has very little in common with the books or TV show, but it's still Westeros. Alternatively you could opt for The Witcher 3 which is quite game of Thronesey, but way better than the official tie-in games combined.

A Song of Ice and Fire Collection, £30/£43

Go back to where it all began with George RR Martin's still-unfinished (grr) magnum opus. Game of Thrones misses an awful lot of content out of the later books, so it's not like you're just going to be reading what you've seen on screen. This collection has all five books (split into seven volumes) in one handy set, so when you finish one you can move straight onto the next. [Buy it here]

The World of Ice and Fire, £21

We've been waiting five years since George RR Martin released a Dance With Dragons, and to tide you over until he finishes of The Winds of Winter he released The World of Ice and Fire. Inside is an in-depth look at some of the unseen parts of the Westerosian universe, with a comprehensive history of the seven kingdoms, full family trees of the major houses, and plenty of lovely art. [Buy it here]

Fire and Blood, £12.50

World: Hey, George RR Martin, you think you can have the next book ready for us this year?

GRRM: Maybe

World: Wait, really?

GRRM: Of course. Here it is.

World: ...

GRRM: It's about the Targeryan kings of old. That's what you wanted right?

World: Well it's better than A Feast for Crows...

Note: This book is less a novel, and more like a reference book. You have been warned.

A Game of Thrones: Illustrated Edition, £18.80

If you know someone who loves reading, but really wishes their books were larger and more ornate this is a great ltitle gift for them. Alternatively it might also work as a present for someone who refuses to read anything without pictures in it. It's the same version of A Game of Thrones that's been out for decades, but it's fancier and has a bunch of artwork inside to help you visualise what's going on at any given time. It also looks really nice, if that's what you look for in your literature. [Buy it here]

Iron Throne Replica, £54

The Iron Throne is the most coveted seat in Westeros, so why not get one of your own? Sadly those life-size replicas have been discontinued, not that anyone could afford to spend $10,000 on one anyway. This will have to do, until we can all afford in industrial-sized 3D printers that can print out whatever the hell we feel like. You can't sit on it, but it will look great on a shelf. [Buy it here]

Music Box, £11

Game of Thrones is one of those shows that comes packaged with the epic theme song that you can't help but sit through every single time. If you know one such person, then consider buying them this. The best part is you just need to turn the handle, so you don't need to worry about having batteries on hand. [Buy it here]

Christmas is Coming Sweater, from £16

Christmas sweaters are a thing, and for some reason people revel in getting the ugliest or tackiest design they can find. Luckily there's one such design for Game of Thrones nerds, adding some festivity to House Stark's words and sigil. Because nothing says Christmas like a Direwolf dressed up in a Santa hat. If that's a bit too tacky for you, then give the standard 'Winter is Coming' version instead [Buy it here]

White Walker Scotch, £34

A special edition version of Johnnie Walker, stylised after Game of Thrones' supernatural baddies. It comes in a specially designed bottle, adorned with the Johnnie Walker man dressed in White Walker armour, and is designed to be kept in the icey cold depths of your freezer. You'll know it's ready to drink when the heat-sensitive patterns show up 'Winter is Here'. Just don't expect it to be clear, this is whisky after all. [Buy it here]


Hodor Door Stop, £6.50

Pretty self explanatory. Just in case you want to make someone cry on Christmas day. [Buy it here]