Christmas Uncancelled at Yorkshire School

By Gary Cutlack on at

The school that got on the news by pretending it was going to ban Christmas has not in fact banned Christmas, you will be amazed to hear, as the European Court of Justice has ruled against the unilateral cancellation of a celebratory... no that's not what happened. The teachers decided enough was enough and it was all just a bit silly anyway and got well out of hand.

Enough children wrote letters and expressed horror about the commercialisation of the modern Christmastime as directed to by the teachers that the ban on festive activities in Lady Lumley's School has been lifted, so little Tim can indeed get a card from little Jacob this year, and no one's mum needs to leave an expletive-filled rant on the school's Facebook page.

It was only a stunt to examine the tired old trope of the "true meaning of Christmas" anyway, with the school not expecting the outpouring of horror, the international media TV caravans parking up on the all-weather netball court, and the arrival of more than 500 emails and letters supporting the Christmas cause.

Head teacher Richard Bramley, sad that his time in the news is coming to an end, explained: "Students were asked to challenge the status quo; to ask 'why should we do things just because we have always done them?' and to question whether non-religious people should celebrate a religious festival."

Now they have indeed learned the true meaning of Christmas – pretending. [BBC]