Croydon's Black Mirror Episode May be Out in Time for Christmas

By Gary Cutlack on at

People trawling Netflix in increasingly desperate holding patterns trying to find something interesting to watch have found something interesting to watch -- an as-yet unannounced standalone episode of dystopian TV legend Black Mirror.

The episode is called Bandersnatch, which gives us clues as to its setting and content, as this word appeared on filming notices surrounding sets in Croydon, back when it was noticed earlier this year that parts of the area were made to look even grimmer and older than usual for location filming.

The episode also appears to be verging on the feature-length side of things, with the Netflix listing initially suggesting an epic running time of 90 minutes where it is also tagged as "A Netflix film" -- although this appears to have been edited now it's been discovered, as the running time currently says it's just two minutes long.

A December 28 release for the film has previously been accidentally tweeted then deleted by a regional Netflix team, so that's probably when it'll happen -- slap bang in the middle of maximum self-loathing season. [Netflix via Digital Spy]