Deliveroo Has Already Helped Find Three Missing People

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month Deliveroo announced that it was teaming up with the charity Missing People, launching a new trial that saw Deliveroo riders put missing people posters on those comically large backpacks they use to carry food about. It sounded like a great idea in theory, and it looks like it's good idea in practice as well because the posters have been credited with helping find three missing people and reunite them with their families.

Currently the 'Ride to Find' scheme in the trial stage, with 500 riders sporting Missing People posters in Manchester, London, Birmingham, and Bristol. Only four posters have been used so far, and Deliveroo has already been credited with helping locate three of the missing people. It's being reported that all three are safe and well, which is a great thing, and shows that all the food couriers we see rising about can do some good. Well good beyond letting people get their hands on a KFC bargain bucket without putting on trousers.

Ride to Find is set for a full-scale rollout across the country, with riders sporting a total of eight missing people posters - two different ones in each city. Deliveroo will be encouraging its 15,000+ fleet of riders to receive child rescue alerts, the logic of both schemes being that because Deliveroo drivers can cover a lot of ground on any given day. So they're in an ideal position to help maximise visibility of Missing people's posters, and check spot anything that might help find missing kids.

No word on when any of that will be taking effect, but given the positive impact Ride to Find has already had I can assume there won't be much standing in the way. Hopefully other similar gig economy companies will take note and get involved as well. Even if they don't care, it's good PR for companies that are rarely in the news for the right reasons. [ITV]