Disney+ Won't be Launching in Europe at the Same Time as the USA

By Tom Pritchard on at

And here's a big win for piracy. We've been hearing for a while that Disney+, the brand new streaming service designed to rival the likes of Netflix, will be arriving sometime next year. But there's some bad news, because it's now been revealed that this launch date is only for the US. Europe won't be getting access until sometime later.

This news comes from Kevin Mayer, Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International Division President, in an interview with French magazine Capital:

Our future Disney streaming service will be launched at the end of 2019 in the United States, and a little later in Europe.

It's not clear when that will be, but it looks like we won't be getting access to Disney+ before 2020. Which sucks, because there's a lot of interesting-sounding content heading to the service. Naturally people over here aren't going to be patient, and they're going to jump to their pirate service of choice to watch these things as soon as they can.

Fantha Tracks speculates that this is down to the EU's rules about locally-sourced content hampering Disney's launch plans.While that makes sense, there was nothing in the interview confirming this, so it seems the site is just guessing. Especially since it mentions Disney's failure to purchase Sky as part of the Fox takeover, even though owning Sky's (and its European production assets) wouldn't do anything to add to the 30 per cent ratio of local content required by the EU.

But Disney isn't stupid, and that's bound to be on its mind - especially since Mayer confirmed to Capital that it was developing content that would be initially exclusive to the French market. It won't want to lose money from lost subscriptions after all. Here's just hoping the fact some of the Star Wars and Marvel films were partially made in the UK and Europe counts towards the EU's criteria. [Capital via Brick Fanatics]