Don't Forget to Send Donald Trump Your Tech Support Queries This Christmas

By Gizmodo UK on at

No one tweets quite like Donald Trump, and one of today's 240-character, unthreaded rantings is particularly interesting:

See that? He knows tech (and technology!) better than anyone.

So who better to send your tech support queries to than good ol' Trump? He loves helping people.

Features writer Holly started with a simple question about a broken bot (although not Trump's preferred Russian type):

Then it was time for some networking (computer networking, that is. No bribes required!):

Then she finished up with a little bit of interfacing, if you know what we mean:

Editor Tom jumped in with a question that we hope our corporate overlords don't see:

And then of course Twitter did what Twitter does (albeit with some hashtag confusion, which is peak Twitter):

This one is particularly beautiful:

— Seantaclaus R. Frazier (@TheCleftonTwain) December 21, 2018

With Christmas coming up, we're anticipating lots of tech support queries that will need answering.

Rather than being the dutiful geek and fixing your Dad's spyware or your aunty's WiFi, just refer them to #TrumpsTechSupport, or as this brilliant person named it:

We fully expect to be blocked by the end of the day. Join in here.

Main image: modified from Thomas Cloer's Flickr CC photo