Don't Expect OnePlus's Smart TVs to Arrive in the UK for the Foreseeable Future

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in September OnePlus announced that it was branching out from the phone industry, revealing plans to start making smart TVs as well. We haven't heard very much about those plans in the months since, but now it's been revealed that you probably shouldn't look forward to buying one. Sadly there are no plans for OnePlus TVs to come to the UK, Europe, or the US. Bummer.

This news was confirmed by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau while speaking with India's Economic Times. He expects the TVs will "perhaps" start shipping out in 2020, but also admitted there's no deadline for a launch in western markets. It's not clear which countries it will go to, but Lau confirmed India will be one of the first markets to get the TV. That's hardly a surprise given how popular OnePlus already is in India, and the enormous size of the market. More people live there than the EU and US combined, after all. China will probably get it to, for similar reasons.

Lau confirmed that the TV is set to follow the same philosophy as OnePlus smartphones, offering a 'flagship killer' for a more "competitive" price. It's probably safe to interpret that as meaning it'll be cheaper than what the other big companies have to offer.

We see that currently, as one goes down the price points, the picture, sound and build qualities deteriorate. We want to create a seamless Internet experience that creates a true Smart TV, going beyond what is traditional in this space.

Cheap and high quality are always two things we like to hear together, especially if OnePlus can solve some of the issues affecting Smart TVs up until now. Things like lack of software updates, and adverts. Nobody wants adverts on their TV menus, and any company that pulls something like that should be burned to the ground.

But unfortunately you won't be buying one anytime soon. Perhaps in a few years, once OnePlus knows it can meet demand outside Asia, though we can't know for sure. Good thing TVs don't need to be upgraded nearly as often as phones seem to be. [Economic Times via T3]