DriveTribe Switches to Modern Financial Salvation of Pimping User Data

By Gary Cutlack on at

DriveTribe, the social network endorsed by the former Top Gear entertainment triumvirate of May, Hammond and Clarkson, is to start firing out car insurance reminders to its users, as it tries to find a way of making a bit of money from its army of men who like listing and rating all the cars they've had.

The plan is to stem the $16m (£12.5m) cash burn  the social startup booked in its first couple of years of operation by emailing members car insurance reminders when the rides in their garages are due for renewal, also sending out messages when services are due – making a few quid on commissions in the process.

That (scrolls up and down the source material) would appear to be the entirety of the plan to salvage DriveTribe, by hard-selling-to the section of users that have correctly and honestly filled out the network's MyGarage feature with the vital statistics of their car life. Given most users are probably lying and swearing blind they don't actually drive a 2005 Nissan Almera that's been on the space saver spare tyre for a month, it might not help that much. [Telegraph]

Agents operating on behalf of DriveTribe would like to say this to you, as it might make a difference:

We are very early stages of developing the MyGarage tool, and the connecting of users to any potential services would not be powered by their DriveTribe profile data, but by the user entering their car registration data and explicitly opting into the service.

And that's just what this will be - a service. We are still in a research phase for this product, but our aim would be to make car ownership and car care more convenient by creating a hub for our millions of users to see all of the information available on their car, such as current value, when insurance, tax or MOTs are due. These services are all currently individually available online, our plan is simply to bring them together in one place.

The article also mentions losses in the first two years of our company accounts. These accounts run to the end of 2017, a pre-revenue period for the company, and do not reflect progress made in 2018, in which the company launched its range of commercial products and has developed commercial partnerships with some of the world's biggest auto brands.