Easter Island Mayor Says "Keep the Statue" as Locals Won't Look After it Properly

By Gary Cutlack on at

The mayor of Easter Island has decided it might be best if the request to have an old stature returned is rejected by the British Museum, as the country is in fact littered with such things and the museum might do a better job of preserving it for future generations.

That's according to Pedro Edmunds Paoa, who prosaically said there are at least a thousand similar figures out there on the island also known as Rapa Nui, and many are in poor states of repair including "buried, ignored and discarded" statues; with the ones exposed to the elements facing the most damage, as erosion of the volcanic rock gradually softens the features of the iconic stone people.

"We need global technology for their conservation" he said, explaining that he's actually happy that six million people a year see the statue in the British Museum and might at least learn something of the Rapa Nui people in passing, with his words backing the stance of collection holders that believe artefacts are best preserved in the controlled environments of museums, and not sent back home where they'd only get used as gate posts. [Sky News]

Image credit: British Museum