Eco Cafe Declares War on Avocados

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Wild Strawberry Cafe on Peterley Manor Farm has come out fighting against today's obsession with avocados, declaring that it will no longer sell them and their derivative products as they're linked with deforestation, cause untold environmental damage due to the way their shipped over to us in a hurry to battle the ripeness clock, and in underground avocado news, suggests that control of the fruit's supply has even been linked to drug cartels.

It'll be replaced by locally-sourced fruit, which at this time of the year in the UK, probably means... jam? The cafe explained: "At a time when climate change concerns have never been more real, transporting ingredients in fuel guzzling planes from Central and South America, Africa and beyond just to satisfy our whim for the latest food trend, when we have a plentiful supply of perfectly delicious, nutritious food on our doorstep, is just plain wrong."

The cafe also says word on the supply chain network is that "Mexican drug cartels" are moving in to try to exert control over the fruit's distribution, such is the amount of money to be made from selling them to us lot to mash into toast or leave to rot. The bad news for Wild Strawberry Cafe customers is that avocado is being replaced by sauteed garlic mushrooms on its menu. [Instagram via Sky News]