Everything We Learned About Avengers 4 From the First Trailer

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this week Marvel released the second trailer for Captain Marvel, which looks amazing, but that only led to more questions of when we were going to get our first glimpse of the then-untitled Avengers 4. As it turns out we are a lucky lot, because that trailer landed earlier this afternoon. Now we know what the film is called, and what's happening with a bunch of heroes after Thanos snapped his fingers and dusted half the universe.

Your spoiler warning comes here, obviously, and we'll start breaking things down after this trailer embed:

We open with a shot of an Iron Man helmet suffering from a lot of external damage. The fight with Thanos really did a number on Tony, and it seems he can only just scrape together enough functional nanobots to get the mask working again.

The first thing we can see is what happened to Tony after he and Nebula were left on Titan after the rest of the heroes were dusted. He's in space, trying to get home, but it seems he's stranded with no way of actually getting back. So he's doing what he always does in his most desperate times: he leaves a message for Pepper on the off-chance that someone ever finds him.

As you can tell from the interior shots, and this solitary view from the outside, Tony is on the Guardians' latest ship - christened the Benatar by James Gunn (after singer Pat Benatar).

While we don't see Tony and Nebula together, it seems they are both on the ship, though something has gone wrong. They have no food, water, and dwindling air, so it all seems pretty bleak. It's not clear why, though, since Nebula should be fully capable of flying the ship - so the trip must have gone sideways.

And the Marvel Studos logo is getting dusted too. Way to rub in in, Kevin Feige.

As seen at the end of the last film Thanos is still living in solitude, and has hung up his armour for good. How he got it isn't clear, since last we saw he left it on the Asgardian refugee ship that promptly blew up.

He's still wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, which is horrendously damaged after a hit from Stormbreaker and from combining all the Infinity Stones in one burst.

Narration over this shot by Black Widow confirms that Thanos wiped out half of all life, and not just sentient beings. That includes plants and animals.

A shot of the Avengers compound in upsate New York. Did you know it was by the water? In any case it's basically abandoned, not that we ever really saw it bustling with people.

Steve Rogers is crying, presumably because of the loss. Not only did he lose his best friend (again) he also lost Falcon and who knows how many other friends. Plus the weight of trillions of lives being extinguished can't help matters.

And here we have Bruce Banner looking over what I can assume are those lost in the Decimation. Ant-Man and the Wasp revealed Scott wasn't actually dusted, but since he was last seen trapped in the Quantum Realm there's no way anyone could have assumed otherwise. Interestingly Shuri is also here, despite us being told she survived. What's going on there?

Judging from Banner's expression these aren't people that survived, particularly not since Shuri's face warps into Peter Parker - who was dusted and last seen on Earth clinging to Ebony Maw's ship.

Another shot of the compound from the inside, still very empty. Of everything  too, not just people.

Thor is obviously not happy, particularly since his ego got in the way of preventing Thanos from snapping his fingers. Is it just me or does this look like a prison cell?

And here we have Nebula, on the Benatar. So it's clear she and Tony left Titan together, but what happens after that is a mystery.

And she is obviously grieving, presumably the loss of Gamora, the only person who was even remotely nice to her.

And we get a look at a mysterious hooded figure in Japan who should be very familiar to comic fans. It's Ronin, but who is Ronin?

Mask off...

It's Hawkeye, obviously. In the comics Hawkeye adopted the Ronin identity after his wife (Mockingbird) was killed. So it's same to assume it happened in the MCU because something happened to his family. That's more significant given how Ronin appears right after Captain America mentions having lost family.

My guess is the Bartons all ended up dusted, losing a part of himself in the process (as Cap said), and that's why he's off doing what looks like a vigilante act.

The Avengers have a plan, it's not clear what, but it's clearly their last shot at putting things right.

A Peggy Carter cameo again, though she died years ago in the MCU and it's not clear what significance her popping us has. The rumour is the film will involve time travel, and that could suggest a reunion of sorts.

All they seem to have is hope. Hope that they'll succeed.

And finally the film's full title. One of the many rumours was correct, and Endgame means this is a tipping point for the MCU as a whole - even though we know it won't be going anywhere.

And the last shot involves Scott Lan proving he's not dead by showing up at the Avengers compound. How he escaped the Quantum Realm isn't clear, though there are rumours that he had help from a certain space-faring hero who is confirmed to be in Endgame. Or maybe Luis managed to get him out somehow, and lent him the van again.

And that's about all we can get. It's the least spoilery trailer of all time, really, because we still have absolutely no clue what the film is going to be about. The only thing of significance there is that Scott ges back into the real world without the help of the core Avengers team. But how? We'll have to wait and see.