Everything We Spotted in the New Captain Marvel Trailer

By Tom Pritchard on at

Early this morning Marvel released a trailer for Captain Marvel. It's the second trailer we've seen, but this one shows a lot more of what we can expect to see from the film when it arrives next March. There's a lot to see, and we've gone through the trailer to try and gleam as much information about the film as we can. Some guesses have been made, but whether it involves Kree radicals to ginger tabby cats, here are all the secrets we spotted in the trailer.

Well, first, in case you missed it, here is the trailer itself.

And we start the film on the train seen in the previous film. Reaction to Danvers' getup is mixed, but since this is before cosplay hit the mainstream it's not the kind of thing you'd normally see on your way into work.

And then we have the old lady that's about to get her face smashed in. Let's hope she's a Skrull, and not an innocent bystander smiling out of sheer awkwardness.

Well she's either an alien shapeshifter or surprisingly spry for her age. I've never seen anyone move like that in real life, let alone a little old person.

Everyone's reaction to the first trailer after seeing Carol beating on the old woman.

Everyone else is shocked, but surprisingly cool with the whole thing. That's LA for you.

Throughout this sequence we've had Nick Fury explaining the Kree and the Skrulls. Skrulls are the alien bad guys, and Kree are the noble warriors.

Well warrior heroes, according to the still-amnesiac Carol. But there's no mention that they're the good guys...

Speaking of which we have a shot showing off (once again) the kree Starforce. You get a quick glimpse of what seems to be Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) and who I can only assume is whichever character Jude law is playing.

And the rest of the team including Korath the Pursuer, who like Ronan will later (chronologically) appear in Guardians of the Galaxy).

Now we get more glimpses of the accident that (we presume) gives Carol her powers. Way back on Earth before any of this alien stuff. Obviously there's been a crash, and as you can see just left of the middle there's a blue glow. This is probably something to do with how Carol gets her powers.

Interestingly her blood has a green tint to it. Maybe it's the light, but this could show off the differences between Carol and her Kree teammates. Kree, as shown by Agents of SHIELD, have bright blue blood

So Carol is covered in waves of Blue energy, but she's been pushed clear of the debris. So that blue glow before isn't Carol herself, and probably has something to do with the accident that we see later in the trailer.

As for the person just out of frame, judging from the narration and the colour of the weapon that's a Kree. My guess? Jude Law, who was long-rumoured to be playing the original Captain Marvel Mar-Vell. Toy leaks suggest he's actually playing Yon-Rogg, a Kree radical that teamed up with Ronan to try (and fail) to overthrow the Kree Supreme Intelligence.

And here we have our first proper glimpse at the Kree homeworld Hala, with ongoing narration explaining how the Kree found Carol, sans memory, and made her into something better. So it's clearly no secret that Carol isn't actually a Kree, even if they've adopted her.

And here we see Annette Benning, who is still playing an unknown character. All we know is that they're some sort of scientist, and judging from her lines she plays a key part in turning Carol into Kree soldier.

This shot is particularly interesting, given what we know of Agents of SHIELD. Annette Benning's character says they made sure Carol was one of them. AoS has already confirmed that Kree blood can do some miraculous things to human biology, even going so far as to raise the dead. The effects on TV have been minimal, but we can guess that a full team of elite Kree scientists can do a lot of weird and wonderful things with it.

Obviously this explosion may have something to do with it as well. It's not clear what this is all about, but it's been theorised that Ant-Man's Quantum Realm may play a key role in giving Carol her superhero powers.

Just some screenshots of the accident in question, clearly taking place around the crashed jet. As to how it crashed, we'll see that later.

And for the first time we get a proper look at the full-helmet, Mohawk and all.

It's still not clear what the machine Carol is in is doing, but it seems to be related to her memories of her life on Earth. If the trailer's editing is to be believed. The flashbacks seem key to her figuring out what's going on when she returns to Earth, so expect a lot of mystery hunting as she and Fury try and figure out what's going on.

One of those flashbacks shows off Carol's friend and flying partner Maria Rambeau, call sign Photon. Maria is supposedly the mother of Monica Rambeau, a hero with light-based powers that once took on the Captain Marvel mantle for herself. Later on she adopted a number of different aliases including, wait for it, Photon.

Given the time difference between Captain Marvel's early-90s setting and the current MCU timeline, it suggests they're dropping teases for Monica to become a hero in her own right.

Recognise this ship? Looks like an early Quinjet to me.

This planet is clearly not Earth, and those ships do not look like the Kree ships we've seen so far. That tells me they belong to the Skrulls, meaning this is some sort of Kree planet that's under attack. Perhaps Hala itself.

What we can only assume is the interior of said ship is fitting of the bad guys, with all the dark grimey colours. It's got a bit of a vibe from the 9th and 11th Doctors' Tardis from Doctor Who too.

More shots from the plane crash, with teases about Carol's powers.

More greenish blood. The same colour as the Starforce uniform, strangely. Definitely not the same Blue hues we saw in Agents of Shield.

The editing is supposed to suggest that there's a Skrull at the crash site, and maybe that was the person we saw earlier in the trailer out of shot, but there's nothing here that confirms they are the same scene. It's about time we saw them anyway.

Here's a better look at said Skrull, but it's not clear which one it is.

Back on Earth again, and Carol has been dragging Fury around to try and find out about her missing past. Something is amiss, though, if information has been classified. Then again, the government loves keep the existence of Aliens secret.

In those files is a picture confirming Carol, or someone who looks just like her, was indeed an Air Force pilot back in the day.

Now this looks like the cause of the crash that will inevitably lead to Carol getting her powers. While that's clearly an alien ship chasing her, it;s not clear whether it's Kree or Skrull.

And of course Carol left behind some mementos, including the charred remains of her dogtags.

Here's an interesting tidbit. Funk Pop reveals claim that Carol in her Starforce uniform is simply called 'Vers', and funnily enough the dogtags are missing those four letters here. My guess? She couldn't remember her name, the Kree obviously didn't know who she was, and the only ID she had was a piece of dogtag shrapnel. You know it makes sense.

And Jude Law up close and in the clear. No indication of where this is, but it sure isn't Carol's crash site.

Judging from his lectures he's clearly taken on the role of the teacher. Note that Carol has some sort of device on her neck, somewhat similar to the IV seen earlier in the film. What could that be? Something to keep her all Kree'd up? Or is this early on in her alien life, and designed to keep an eye on her health?

This is our firs proper shot of Carol in her proper uniform, helmet and all, using the traditional red and blue colour scheme rather than the green hues of Starforce.

And here we see her unleashing her powers as Captain Marvel, and in a blink-and-you-miss it shot you can see she's fighting pale-skinned soldiers. So not Skrulls, and judging from their armour not humans. Probably some sort of Kree.

And finally, finally, a proper look at the Skrills in a trailer. Judging from the Australian accent in the voiceover, this is Ben Mendelsohn's Talos - the leader of the shapshifters in the film. Sounds like he knows something about Carol's past, something the Kree didn't tell her. It also doesn't sound like he wants the conflict with the Kree to end anytime soon.

Another shot of Ronan, who we strangely haven't seen very much of. It suggests there's either a big secret, or that he's just not in much of the film. That planet below is most certainly Earth, meaning the war has followed Carol back home.

It's not clear whose ships are whose, but one of them has a similar design to the one that seemingly shoots down Carol's jet. So the Kree and/or Skrulls had something to do with her becoming a hero.

And here we see Mendelsohn's Talos in a human guise, and this shot looks like it's in the hanger where Fury and Carol take off with a Quinjet. It's been suggested Talos infiltrates SHIELD during the film, and it seems he's using that to try and take out the Kree warrior in his midst.

And Carol refuses to keep fighting, promising to end the Kree/Skrull war. Which explains we we never hear anything about it by the time the modern MCU comes about.

And we have this great shot of Carol fully powered up, though it's nothing compared to what we see next.

Marvel has said Captain Marvel is the most powerful being in the MCU, certainly the most powerful we've seen so far, and this shot shows it as she single-handedly bastes through ships. Note that she's in space by herself, and if she can handle the vacuum of space the likes of the Skurlls and Thanos are no match for her.

And we have a shot  of her in her traditional armour, with the helmet and the mohawk. Note the lack of breathing apparatus or faceplate. Obviously we've seen alien races have energy shield-like spacesuits before, but they usually have a shimmer of some kind. I see no shimmer here.

And Fury can't help but fuss over Carol's cat, which is very relatable in a film full of aliens and shapeshifters.

Carol's cat is called Chewie in the comics, named after Chewbacca, but here they've changed things up. Now the kitty is called Goose, a reference to the character from Top Gun. Let's just hope Goose the cat doesn't meet the same fate as his namesake. That would be the biggest tragedy in the MCU, more so than the death of Coulson.

And here we have one final shot of Carol blasting off into space, but without any shops about this time. My guess? This is one of the final scenes in the film, after she leaves Earth for some reason, ready for Fury to call her back after Infinity War.