Facebook And ZeniMax Media Finally Bury The Hatchet Over Oculus 'Theft'

By Holly Brockwell on at

The epic battle between Facebook and ZeniMax Media is finally at an end, it looks like.

Starting all the way back in 2014, the dispute centred around the Oculus Rift VR system. ZeniMax says it used their trade secrets, because employees who worked at Id Software (owned by ZeniMax) brought research and code developed at Id with them to Oculus, which then became part of the Rift.

Facebook and Oculus unsurprisingly disagreed, and the battle has raged on for years. It was the first time Zuckerberg had testified in court, although obviously here in 2018 we're considerably more used to him being asked to take the stand.

ZeniMax originally won $500m, then asked the court to halt Oculus sales completely, which Facebook appealed. The court then decided not to ban the headsets, and in an extra blow to ZeniMax, halved the damages they'd been awarded to $250m.

ZeniMax appealed (shocker) and today the two companies finally reached a settlement, although they haven't disclosed the terms. We're guessing 'megabucks' wouldn't be an unfair description.

ZeniMax CEO Robert Altman comments:

"We are pleased that a settlement has been reached and are fully satisfied by the outcome. While we dislike litigation, we will always vigorously defend against any infringement or misappropriation of our intellectual property by third parties."

Meanwhile, a Facebook spokesperson said only:

"We’re pleased to put this behind us and continue building the future of VR."

We suspect they're also pleased to have been able to put a lid on one of the high-profile battles they're currently embroiled in, if not the one they probably would have chosen.