Filming Aquaman in Ice-Cold Water Is Just as Uncomfortable as it Sounds

By Julie Muncy on at

For Aquaman, being in the water is a dream come true. It’s his purpose, his blood. For the actors playing him? Well, it’s a little less homey.

Recently, Jason Momoa appeared on The Graham Norton Show, the United Kingdom’s most delightful talk show, to discuss his role in Aquaman, and the fallout of one particular shot altogether. Apparently, parts of the film were shot in the waters near Iceland, which are, uh, very cold. Cold enough that wetsuits are necessary to stay warm for all the parts of your body that are submerged. Which can make the logistics of shooting scenes tricky. Or funny. Depending on how it goes. I’ll let Momoa tell the story:

Making a blockbuster is a matter of craft, and care, and sometimes, getting dunked in frozen water. That’s just the price you pay for art.

Aquaman is in cinemas now.

Featured image: Warner Bros.