Former NASA Engineer Builds Impressive Glitter Bomb to Make Life Hell for Package Thieves

By Matt Novak on at

Mark Rober really loves to build things. So when this home electronics tinkerer discovered that some neighbourhood thieves were ripping off Amazon packages from his porch, he did what any self-respecting former NASA engineer would do: He built a glitter bomb made to look like a boxed-up Apple HomePod, and he built it to capture video of the entire thing.

This wasn’t some amateur affair. Rober spent six months designing and testing different bait package set-ups that included cameras and various glitter dispersal methods. He used a 3D printer, a custom-printed circuit board, GPS, and four phones with cameras. Oh, and fart spray. Seriously. The fart spray is really what puts this thing over the top.

The video, which is up on YouTube, shows just how Rober pulled it off. And he even lends the device to friends who also had packages stolen.

If it seems weird that Rober spent six months on this thing, you’ll learn at the end that the video is sponsored by NordVPN. So it makes sense that the production values are pretty damn good.

Below is a YouTube video from Sean Hodgins, who helped Rober build the glitter bomb. He goes into some of the details of how this thing works.

We’ve also reached out to both Rober and NordVPN to find out more information about the “theft” shown in the video. We’ll update when we hear back.

Yes, the original video is an ad, but it’s pretty awesome as far as ads go. And in a world where everything is garbage, we’ll take a cool ad over shitty reality any day.