It'll Soon Be Free To Wee At Three Major Train Stations

By Holly Brockwell on at

Network Rail has announced that the toilets at Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Piccadilly and Leeds train stations will be free to use from the 17th of December.

Weirdly described as a "long-overdue Christmas present for passengers," the announcement by by Rail Minister Andrew Jones is part of a £15m package of improvements to the rail network.

Far from spending a penny, the toilets at those three stations currently cost between 30 and 40p per whizz. There's no extra charge for a number two, though.

Those charges really add up: the BBC reports that Network Rail made £5.4m from paid train toilets in 2015-16 and £4.8m in 2016-16. That's a lot of money to piss up the wall.

Chief Exec of watchdog Transport Focus, Anthony Smith, said between sips of an enormous bottle of water:

"It's vital that the benefits of the £15m package is [sic] spent on things that matter to passengers across the north of England - improved reliability and less uncertainty caused by disruption."

We're all for improved reliability and less uncertainty around where we can wee. Now if you'll excuse us, nature's calling.

Main image: Stuart Grout via Flickr CC