German Discount Supermarkets Continue to be the Future of Food Shopping

By Gary Cutlack on at

Aldi and Lidl are the places to be seen this year with a trolley full of bafflingly cheap chocolate and booze that's probably totally fine at getting the job done, as year-on-year market shares for the pair are up more than ten per cent – and the traditional "big four" supermarkets have failed to grow despite their various Christmas adverts.

Stats from Kantar Worldpanel monitoring the market shares of all the UK supermarkets for the 12 weeks to December 2 give Aldi a 12.2 per cent increase on last year's numbers, with Lidl taking in 11.2 per cent more of the shopping people than in the same period of 2017. Even the Co-op is profiting from disillusionment with the out-of-town dinosaurs, increasing its share by 4.5 per cent in the 12-week period.

This translates to an increased overall market share of 7.6 per cent of all supermarket shopping for Aldi and 5.6 per cent for Lidl. Impressive enough, and growing fast, but still way behind dominant weekly-shop-house Tesco, which has a virtually static market share of 27.6 per cent. One key amusing stat for UK is that Lidl and Aldi are now both ahead of Waitrose in market share terms, with the apparently posher chain on a market share of just 4.9 per cent – and down year-on-year. [Kantar via Independent]