Giz UK's Gift Guide For Ourselves

By Gizmodo UK on at

Look, we've spent a lot of time lately writing gift guides for you lot to buy for other people. It got us thinking: what about us? What gifts would we like? Will someone please think of the editorial team?

If money was no object and anything in the whole world was available to us, here are the things we at Giz UK would buy for ourselves. Or, you know, what someone else could buy for us. Hint, hint, mum, if you're reading this.

Tom Pritchard - Editor

Netgear Orbi Mesh Network 3 Pack, £281.24

My flat is quite long, and thanks to a horrendously small Virgin cable the router is stuck at one end. So one end of the flat gets plenty of internet, while the other barely gets any, so a mesh network would be ideal to make sure I can always keep myself connected to the interweb. I could buy a range extender, sure, but I'd rather have a seamless experience rather than having to manually reconnect every time I need to hang around in my kitchen. [Buy it here]

LG Gram 14", £999 

Considering I never throw out my old tech (you never know when it'll come in handy), I have plenty of laptops in my collection - including one that works perfectly as my day-to-day machine. That doesn't mean I don't want something new and special, and after playing with a review model I would love to justify an LG Gram. It's small, it's very lightweight, durable, it has an incredible battery life, and it was a joy to use, so why wouldn't I want it? The smaller models don't have a touchscreen either, which I love because laptop touchscreens are pointless. [Buy it here]

A House, upwards of £200,000 round here

Houses cost a lot, especially in the south of England where the media business has plonked itself for some reason. I'm bored of renting a place under a flat that leaks more than a sieve and still a hole in the ceiling as a result. You guys want to crowdfund me a house, or at the very least a deposit? Would be very grateful, but no you can't come round and mess up the place. That way I can get something with enough room for me, my Lego, and that dog I've been meaning to get.

Kim Snaith - Production Editor

Lego Hogwarts Castle, £350

It annoys me that it's not minifig scale – damn those microfigures – but still. It's a honking great Lego model of Hogwarts, the finest wizarding school in the whole magical world. I have a lot of Lego – I mean a lot – but my collection/life/soul won't be complete until I own this. But it's £350. Looks like I'll be waiting for a sale. [Buy it here]

Canon 5D Mark III, £1,800

Once upon a time, before my life was taken over by tech, video games and editing websites, I used to be a photographer. Now I rarely get time to dust off my camera, but that still doesn't stop me yearning for a better piece of kit (and a bit of free time to get behind the lens, of course). Having a full-frame DSLR, though, might just spur me on to get back out there. [Buy it here]

Razer Blade, £1,480

It wasn't all that long ago I bought myself a new laptop – but it's not as fancy as a Razer Blade. To  have that much power in such a small form laptop... not to mention Razer's trademark chroma lights on the keyboard. Scratch everything else, just give me a laptop keyboard that lights up in rainbow colours. The powerful GPU is merely a bonus. [Buy it here]

David Basch - Weekend Production Assistant

The Litter Robot - £460

Image: Kim Snaith [Gizmodo UK]

I have been enamoured with this bit of kit ever since Giz UK Production Editor Kim reviewed it back in March.

You will know if you own an indoors cat, that the absolute worst part of keeping the little furball happy is scooping up its poop at the end of the day.

The Litter Robot does that for you. In fact, the only time you will have to interact with the faeces-laden robot is when it comes time to empty the waste tray. £460 might be a lot of money, but it's a small price to pay to ensure you never again have to go digging to find the congealed lumps of urine and shit your cat has so kindly left behind. [Buy it here]

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool - £550

The climate is getting screwed by people who would rather fill up their car with algae and dinosaurs than electric. The weather in the UK has been crazy this year: blazing heat, chilling cold and enough rain to fill all the Olympic swimming pools in the world. And it's only going to get worse.

That being said, there's only so much atmospheric heating my £30 floor fan from Tesco can stave off, and this £550 Dyson fan/heater is the perfect solution. Keep cool, warm, or anything in between. This is the daddy of personal temperature control and I want it. [Buy it here]

The Boring Company Flamethrower - Price varies

We all like to hate on Elon "well, you're a paedo guy" Musk, but let's face it: he's the closest thing to a real life Tony Stark we're ever going to get. This is a billionaire who chooses to spend his free time tweeting weed jokes and dating Cyberpunk Speed Wave trailblazers. So relatable.

I have a feeling that Boring flamethrowers will be regaled as priceless heirlooms in the future - after all, who wouldn't want to own a physical token of an eccentric billionaire's descent into madness?

Unfortunately, after selling 20,000 of the things, Elon closed up shop. Luckily for any would-be gift-givers you can pick them up on eBay for a couple of hundred quid. [Buy it here]

Holly Brockwell - Feature Writer

DNA testing kits for my entire family, £149 each

Ever since I read this feature on how DNA presents might ruin your family Christmas, I've been hankering after a set for my relatives. Not because I want to ruin Christmas, you understand, but because I am DYING to find out what skeletons are in our communal closet.

I've already had my DNA done and found out to my surprise that I have significant Jewish ancestry, which no one in my family can explain. If I can just get them all to spit in a tube, I might have more of a clue where my Tay-Sachs gene comes from -- and maybe discover a billionaire relative in the process. [Buy it here.]

Another cat

I've already got two beautiful kitties, but I keep going on cat rescue websites and falling in love. I know, right, don't go on the websites -- but I'm still hoping my other half can be persuaded that we need to shelter at least one more homeless moggy in our London flat.

I convinced him to let me have Moose (above) by saying "we could call him Moose," so I'm hopeful that as soon as I hit upon the right combo of cat face and epic name, he'll be sold. [Rescue a kitty here.]

Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch, £39.99

Like many nerds, I'm massively opposed to actual physical sport of any kind, but put it on a TV screen and I'm interested. I had a go at Mario Tennis Aces at a Nintendo event earlier this year and although I'm quite rubbish, it's ridiculously good fun, and slightly more of a workout than Smash Bros. That'll do me for exercise in 2019. [Buy it here.]