Google Brings Back Kevin McCallister In #1 Trending Ad

By Holly Brockwell on at

The number one trending video on YouTube right now is an ad -- for Google Assistant, starring none other than Macaulay Culkin reprising his unforgettable role as Kevin McCallister.

Called Home Alone Again With The Google Assistant, the one-minute ad is a whistle-stop tour of Home Alone references:

They've got the original music from the film, various scenes including the famous aftershave and bouncing on the bed ones, and of course the pretend film Angels With Filthy Souls.

Sadly the Wet Bandits are only shown in shadow in their van, but everything else is pretty spot on, and the ad does a good job of building Google Assistant functions into the storyline. Not sure why it's an ad for Google Assistant rather than Google Home, though: surely Google Home Alone is a better name than Home Alone Again With The Google Assistant?

To promote the ad, Google's added a bunch of special commands to Google Assistant, but you'll need to switch into US English on the Google Home app (Account > Settings > Languages, then tap on English (United Kingdom) and switch to English (United States)).

Try these:

  • "Hey Google, I'm the man of the house"
  • "Hey Google, what do I owe you?"
  • "Hey Google, did I forget something?
  • "Hey Google, it's me Snakes. I got the stuff."
  • "Hey Google, the Wet Bandits are here."

(Although that last one keeps playing The Wet Bandits on Spotify for us!).

What do you think of the ad? Christmas brilliance, or yet another childhood memory slapped with a logo? Let us know in the comments.