Huawei's Nova 4, the Phone With the Camera Hole, May Arrive on 17th December

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've only been hearing about the possibility of having the phone notch replaced with a hole for a short time, but it seems the phone companies really want us to get on board. Well Huawei does, anyway, which is why we've been hearing rumours that it would be launching a new holey phone before the end of the year. Now it seems that phone may be announced on 17th December.

We know this thanks to a teaser image posted to Chinese social network Weibo, which features similar imagery to a teaser that hit the net a couple of weeks ago. The difference is that this time it actually reveals what day we should expect to see the phone, rather than just the month.

We've already seen what is alleged to be the Nova 4 before, thanks to a livestream of Chinese singer Jackson Yee's 18th birthday party. The stream showed off what was effectively a full-screen phone with minimal bezels and, you guessed it, no notch. It was like someone had just gone at the display with a hole punch. Which shouldn't really shock anyone.

Obviously Huawei is not the only company to be doing this. Samsung is said to be featuring the new Infinity O display on the upcoming Galaxy A8 - with the O standing for the circular camera hole. Samsung is also said to be launching that phone before the end of the year, but since we haven't heard anything about it Huawei may beat them to it. Then we just have to wait and see which company gets their handsets into the hands of the people first.

It's unclear when that might be, especially with Christmas and the New Year following soon after this announcement, so we're just going to have to be patient. Thankfully we don't have very long to wait. [MySmartPrice via The Verge]