Iceland's Put An Ice Rink In One Of Its Shops

By Holly Brockwell on at

We can't even imagine how much health and safety red tape was involved, but Iceland's put what is apparently the world's first instore ice rink into one of its shops in London.

The Stratford store was fitted with 250 square metres of synthetic ice in a stunt they've called "Shopping On Ice." This makes us somewhat suspect it was originally planned to coincide with the final of Dancing On Ice back in March, but took too long to implement and ended up being repurposed for Christmas.

Iceland says the idea was in response to research it commissioned, in which 83% of parents said they wish they had more time to enjoy the run-up to Christmas (not sure how making shopping more precarious does that, but OK) and that "nearly all kids find the Christmas food shop boring." Well, woe is you, little Sneauflayke, how sad to have to help pick out the food you're going to leave half-eaten in favour of your selection box on Christmas Day.

Unsurprisingly, lots of shoppers fell over. Surprisingly, Iceland included this in the promo video:

Presumably the skaters had to sign a pretty watertight disclaimer before strapping their skates on -- some of those falls looked quite painful.

Some professional skaters also had a go in outfits that have never before been seen in a supermarket, and fared a lot better.

Iceland MD Neil Hayes paused in the middle of his triple axel to say:

"At Iceland we know Christmas is an exciting time, however it can be a struggle for lots of families as there’s so much to do. We wanted to add some magic to Christmas food shopping and the in store skating experience has certainly done that."

The promo video claims the idea might be rolled out to other stores, but we sincerely doubt that. Especially if the lawyers have anything to do with it.

This year's Iceland Christmas food range apparently includes mince pie ice cream cones (), and Glazed Gammon, which sounds like what you see by the TV in Wetherspoons of a Friday night.