Intel Just Gave Us a Glimpse of the Near Future of CPUs

By Alex Cranz on at

Intel’s had a rough year, with major departures, security disasters, dwindling sales compared to its competitor, and the general appearance of a company trailing the competition technologically speaking. But in the twilight days of 2018 Intel’s laid out a plan of action to remind us all of exactly why Intel first crushed the competition to begin with. Intel just gave us a peek behind the curtain about what’s to come.

The plan of action is really three prong. New integrated GPUs, new CPU architecture, and a new way of designing the chip itself that should make its processors as nimble and scalable as AMD’s.

These all feel like direct responses to criticisms Intel has faced lately. Its integrated GPUs simply can’t compare to those on AMD chips or to discrete graphics from Nvidia. Intel has been getting creamed, and its own discrete GPU isn’t expected until 2020. Meanwhile, Intel publicly struggled to get its first 10nm processors, codenamed Ice Lake and based on its Skylake architecture, out the door. It’s repeatedly had to delay the chips making investors and consumers alike wary of the company’s future.

Intel needs to confront all these issues, and in a series of announcements today it looks like it has.

Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

Graphic: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)