Is Your Pixel 3 Screen a Knackered Disco Strobe?

By Gary Cutlack on at

More than a few owners of Google's high-priced 2018 Pixel 3 are experiencing problems with their device's screens, which have developed a variety of glitching issues including a disorientating bright yellow flash when switching the screen off; in the same fashion as exhibited by last year's Pixel 2 XL.

The issues only seem to be hitting owners of the regular/smaller/non-XL Pixel 3, which uses a display built by LG. There are two phases of glitch – a bizarre flash upon locking the screen (pictured above) and a more bewildering fully-crazy green strobing maximum glitch out. Users were hoping that a software update released this month might fix it, but it hasn't, and those who've returned phones to Google for replacements have found the same thing happens on their new models.

It appears, then, to be a problem with LG's display itself rather than anything Android or Google is doing with it or can ever do with it from afar, with Google's own issue tracker populated by a growing number of people with the strobing Pixel 3 screen issue, and not much in the way of useful advice about what to do; other than the old and ineffective placebo of a factory reset. [XDA via Know Your Mobile]